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 Washington SR-22 Insurance 

As in most states, Washington requires certain drivers to file an SR-22 to avoid having their license suspended. If a driver has been convicted of a DUI offence, been involved in an accident where he or she didn’t hold valid auto insurance, or has accumulated too many points on their driving record, this is a mandatory process. Washington State requires that drivers maintain SR-22 insurance for a period of 3 years.

Drivers have a choice of two different types of SR-22 policies. An owner’s policy is available for drivers who own their own vehicles. A non-owner’s policy is available for drivers who hold a license but do not actually own a vehicle. They would still have access to a parent’s, friend’s, or spouse’s vehicle and be permitted to drive that.

Only insurance companies that are authorized by the state can file an SR-22 on a client’s behalf. This is then provided to the local DMV as proof that the individual is permitted to drive. Also, if the policy has lapsed or been cancelled, the DMV must be advised of this. If the insurance policy premiums are not paid, the policy can be cancelled as well. All driving privileges are then revoked, and the driver’s license will be suspended. The cost can be quite high at times but if you shop around you may be able to locate cheap SR-22 insurance in Washington.

There are several websites on the Internet that give options in regards to SR-22 insurance. In many instances you can receive the SR-22 on the same day as you apply. It may seem time consuming to check various websites, but this can definitely be time well spent. First of all, you can do all of this research from the comfort of your home rather than driving all around the city checking with insurance companies. In a matter of minutes you can receive different Washington SR-22 quotes and be able to choose the one that suits you and your budget the best. You may also qualify for special discounts on your SR-22 if you apply online. Make sure that if you do locate the cheapest Washington State SR-22 insurance, that it covers all of your requirements. It would be useless to pay little for something that doesn’t provide the proper insurance coverage.


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